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FAQs of Zoodust

Q: "What does Zoodust even mean?"
A: Well it's actually an inside joke between us. We saw a comedian's stand-up on TV, and he was talking about how "Zoodust" and "Blue Gravy" would be the name's of the two greatest bands in the world. For some reason, it stuck with us. So probably not as deep a meaning as some of you thought... Sorry :)

Q: "How long has Zoodust been together?"
A: We've been working hard since August 2009.

Q: "Do you guys play weddings?"
A: Yes, we absolutely will.

Q: "Do you play house parties?"
A: We play Parties, Weddings, and Divorces. Give us a call, we'll play them all.

Q: "How do I get you to play my event?"
A: It's as easy as going to our "Booking" page located in the green navigation bar up top, and following the directions listed.

Q: "Do you take requests?"
A: Yes, we have a request tab on each page of this website labeled "Make a Song Request". We also have a Discussions area on our Facebook to request there. If you want to request while we are playing a show, then write your song on a dollar bill (or a bill of higher value *wink), and put it in our tip jar.

Q: "Any Merchandise available yet?"
A: Not yet, but it is definitely in the works as we speak.

Q: "Does Zoodust only play 90's?"
A: As of right now... yes. We mainly play 90's Alternative hits. However, if you hire us and request some other songs/genre/decade, we could work them in too.

Q: "Craig how tall are you?"
A: 6'3"

Q: "Where can I see your upcoming performances?"
A: Just head over to our Calendar page in the green navigation bar up top. They are also located on the 'Events' Tab at the top of our page on Facebook, so find us to keep updated.